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We Want the Airwaves is a feature length documentary which chronicles the making of the groundbreaking docuseries Manifesto!


Manifesto!  was the first modern television series to chronicle the work of activists across the globe.

The First Frames of 'Manifesto!' are Filmed

Amidst myriad challenges, the team films the first frames of Manifesto! During filming, behind the scenes cameras capture the making of Manifesto!

'Manifesto!' Production Wraps

We process all of the raw elements: film, video, and still images. We begin editing our sizzle reel and pilot.

Pitching 'Manifesto'

We finish our edits and begin the pitch process. Deals are made, broken and made again.
Watch Manifesto! Trailer

'We Want the Airwaves' Continues Filming

We ramp up the filming of We Want the Airwaves to follow the dramatic sequence of events behind the scenes as Manifesto! makes it’s rounds literally around the world.

To Be Continued

We’ll update this page as the story develops! Check the news page for more regular updates.

For cast and related details, check the IMDB page.