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About the Film

About We Want the Airwaves

Filmed over the course of 10 years, “We Want the Airwaves” chronicles the journey of a trio of first time TV makers as they set forth on a daring adventure. The group creates and films an activist focused docuseries (“Manifesto!”) in the year 2005, with the goal of launching the first citizen’s platform on network television.

Cut from countless hours of behind the scenes footage and interviews with TV & Cultural insiders and outsiders, “We Want the Airwaves” follows the making of the grassroots television series “Manifesto!” all while exposing the harsh realities of the ethically challenged unscripted television world.

The roadblocks for the trio quickly become monolithic. Besides the inevitable interpersonal conflicts that develop, how do you sell a TV series which challenges the status quo? The kind of series that advocates for viewers to get off the couch and get active in their communities?

As the filmmakers continue their journey, with a nearly blind commitment to their plan, they raise just enough funding to shoot a pilot. As they begin to pitch their series, they are fueled by adulation from their peers & TV executives alike. These accolades bolster their belief that they will change television as they know it and give a broadcast voice to a generation.