We believe in the power of personal story. Individuals stepping forward to share their experiences and their dreams. The impacts resulting from this kind of sharing are felt in ways we’ve only begun to understand. They’re powerful, they’re essential, and they’re unique while still feeling universal. Audiences walk away with more than just “entertainment” — they’re offered new perspectives, new narratives, and new ways to be. Challenges to the status quo. 

At their best, they inspire audiences to action, which was the goal of Manifesto!

We’ve championed this kind of filmmaking. Dubbed “the new documentary movement,” by Karen Everett of the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, these docs focus on solution-oriented stories.

Off the page (and the screen) the We Want the Airwaves team has outlined a powerful strategy for live events, comprehensive community screenings, a university screening tour, and a study guide for educators. Through these events, the film plans to bolster community projects, share new stories, and develop collaborative documentary projects.




Expression, Manifesto!


December 14, 2018